It’s not always mainstream, governed and sometimes it’s not even recognised as a sport....!  But whatever it is, we have the ability to time, produce reports, display results and generally bring a level of distinguished professionalism to most kinds of event.HS Sports Camel Racing

 World Rubik Cube Championships
 Table Tennis
 Sumo Wrestling
 Motor Shows
 British Army Shooting
 Heathrow Youth GamesHS Sports Snooker
 Royal Tournament
 Formula Student
12-hour Lawnmower Racing
 Camel Racing
 Tecnho Games
 Power Tool Challenge
 Autodrome NECHS Sports Rubik's Cube
 Pole Climbing

When it comes to thinking out of the box, we score top of the table!

If timing, results or display solutions are important you your sport, hobby or event then it’s important to us. 

With a range of experts in all areas of timing and display solutions, however diverse your requirements we will probably be able to come up with a package to suit.

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